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Cheech & Chong® Glass

48" 7mm Thick How High Are You Bell Base Water Pipe

$399.00 USD

Challenge your friends and find out who is the biggest stoner with this four-foot-tall super bong from Cheech & Chong® Glass.

The 7mm thick design features a sturdy bell-base chamber and challenge markers to measure your progress. One massive hit from this bad boy and you'll think you’re driving when you're actually parked!

Now is the time to prove that you can keep up with smoking legends Tommy and Cheech. Try this XXXL water pipe today!


  • 100% borosilicate glass
  • 7mm thick
  • Extra-sturdy bell base chamber
  • Challenge marker decals
  • Rounded mouthpiece

What's Included:

*Appearance of replacement parts may differ from original parts included with water pipe